Restore, Renew, Rejoice: Your Journey to Fuller Hair Begins in London

Hair Stylist – Record holder

Anonymous writes “Have you ever seen hair stylist cutting hair with Fire & Blindfolded or Glass or papercutter? Imagined, Stylist burning your hair with fire, and sometimes that too blindfolded? Scary isn’t? but its not like that; its fun and its an art.

Nadeem, 26, Limca Book of world record Holder (cutting hair with fire or by cutting hair blind folded, piece of Glass & papercutter). He was also appreciated by Guiness Book of World records. He work as a Hair Stylist & Colorist at ReX Salon, Chandigarh (INDIA).

There are newspapers like The Tribune, The Indian Express, Hindustan Times’ Amar Ujala, Dainik Bhaskar published about Him (you can visit for scanned copies of newspapers at ) and I was also featured in various TV channels SAHARA SAMAY, Doordarshan, AXN, Siti Cable, Prime ChaNNEL, India TV and others

He says “It’s been 7 years I have learnt everything from structure of hair to hair cutting to hair Coloring and Still learning. Hair dressing has becomeĀ hair transplant london my passion” He even did hair coloring diploma from L’Oreal and Schwarzkopf. Also have attended & participated in different hair cutting Competition (in 2000 organized at World Trade Centre) & Seminars in Mumbai. He have been attending various workshops and seminars so He isin touch with existing latest styles, trends and always in pace with the trends & lifestyles.

Nadeem Says “Frankly, I was never interested in becoming a hairstylist. I planned on taking up Engineering and for that, I even did computer diploma and stuff. However, somewhere down the line I changed my mind and started working on hair” Now he can cut hair Cut hair using Clippers, Scissors, Razor, Candle Fire, Piece of Glass, Razors and even blind folded. He want to be Great Hair Stylist, that’s his Passion, My Ambition, My Dream; He have no gurus or people in my field who he idolize. Nadeem Says”It just my passion, my hard work, my scissors, my god who have helped me in mastering the art of hair dressing practically as well as theoretically. Although no one can be a 100% perfect hair stylist because good hairstylist learns something with every new client”


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